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Gorefiend down!

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For those of you with confusion…


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At least now he knows what they look like


Janacea strikes again!

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Fuck you, Vashj!
I’m WAY too lazy to make another gif for this boss

Vashj down! Without using other guilds!

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Fuck you, Vashj!
Fuck you, you snake-haired cunt and a half…

P.S. Love the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog soundtrack in the background

Top Convulsion scientists discover some sort of weird bird… thing

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Ornithological Forward Team Alpha-1A: Skeetshooter & greenmachine

Oddjob’s But Someone has to do it.

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grats convulsion – slowest progress in feenix history

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grats tofucutter, best raid wiper iran (RIP PERSIA)

Oh, what a feeling… TO BE LOVED – Illroy

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no se porque…


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