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Name: Jeff
Age: 82
Class: Mage
Spec: Fire

Attuned to SSC/TK?

I am currently attuned to SSC and need the Mag trail to complete my TK attunement

What experience do you have with Vanilla WoW?

I played on the warsong server in a guild called <Belligerent> They weren't even close to how good <Convulsion> was but we did down a few Naxx bosses

What experience do you have with The Burning Crusade?

I played in a guild Called <Exodus> on the KT server on retail TBC. We managed to have many top 10 US and World kills throughout all of TBC.
I'm pretty new to this server and the only content I have cleared would be T4 (Kara + NB / Mag / Gruul)

We are looking for members that not only know about their class but really enjoy playing it!!! That being said, please list a few things you like / dislike about the class you are playing.

I really enjoy the high numbers I put out as a mage a long with the amount of CD's I have! I dislike how soft we are and how we die on trash.

Is your gear BiS Pre-Raid? Any items lesser or greater? (Please give of a idea of this by listing your 2 worst items and your 2 best items)

Best: Spell Strike Hood / Legs ( Also have full Spell-fire )
Worst: Currently still using the Scyer hit trinket and the quest trinket from Hellfire.

What are your stats unbuffed?
Hit%: 11.5%
CRIT%: 25.3%
SP or Healing: 990+ Fire damage
AP: ----
HP: 7.2k Unbuffed HP
MANA: 9402
MP5: ----
Parry: ----
Dodge: ----
Block: ----

Professions: (Having Leatherworking is a BIG +):

Tailoring 375 / Enchanting 375

We require the whole raid to be full consumed for every 25man we do!!! That being said, what consumables would you take to a raid?

Flask of Pure Death / Spell damage food / Wizard oil / 20+ mana & Destro pots

Where are you from?

US / Florida

What Guild were you last in / are still in and reason for leaving?

I was in <Bam Mod> before this guild. I am no longer in due to the guild disbanding.

Why do you want to join Convulsion?

I played on the warsong server for a short amount of time before learning about archangle and I knew you were the top US guild there! It was to my delight to learn that you guys were moving to this server!

Why should we bring you to a raid over another trial?

I bring elite game-play and focus along with me!!! When given a sheep target you better believe that target will remain sheeped even if I have to spam sheep it because someone is breaking it! I also bring above and beyond consumables to a raid such as ( Nightmare Seeds and Stam Food. ) I also spend time out side of raid watching videos of upcoming content so I have a good idea of whats to come!

:!: Bonus points :!: Squibble is ______. (making me laugh here is a +)

Squibble is the only kid to pull lvl 30mobs from stealth at lvl 70.

Ollie, no longer a virgin
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