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 Post subject: <Accepted> Application Mage
PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 7:43 pm  Report this post
Name: Robbie
Age: 32
Class: Mage
Spec: Deep Fire (with more t5 going arcane)

Attuned to SSC/TK?
Both yes

What experience do you have with Vanilla WoW?
I played it from korean beta. Raided all the content took a break when i started naxx spider wing.

What experience do you have with The Burning Crusade?
Raided all up to first bosses in MH and BT. Then study needed some more attention.

We are looking for members that not only know about their class but really enjoy playing it!!! That being said, please list a few things you like / dislike about the class you are playing.
Likes are: Blink, Sheep, Slow Fall, Water&Food!! and the spelleffects.
Dislikes are: squishy(thank god for iceblock!), Can pull easy agro of scrub tanks as fire... All the giev portelz niow pleez.

Is your gear BiS Pre-Raid? Any items lesser or greater? (Please give of a idea of this by listing your 2 worst items and your 2 best items)
I would say the worse items i have now is my offhand blue book(farming for the 25 badges) and my blue wand. Simply havent found a good replacement yet.
My gear besides that is spellstrike set, spellfire set and other epics like boost of blasting and t5 gloves in bank.

What are your stats unbuffed?
Hit%: 148 (get capped in raids by totems etc)
CRIT%: 27.80 fire with no molten armor on or int.
SP or Healing: 977 fire
AP: 22 yeah i got 22!!! ill swing it with 1.6 dmg per second extra.
HP: 6113
MANA: 7886 no int
MP5: 154
Parry: ...
Dodge: 5% woot!
Block: ...

Professions: (Having Leatherworking is a BIG +):
Tailoring 375
LWing 341 (work in progress)

We require the whole raid to be full consumed for every 25man we do!!! That being said, what consumables would you take to a raid?
Flask, Flamecap, potion of destruction and or haste potiona and +sp food.

Where are you from?

What Guild were you last in / are still in and reason for leaving?
I was with my mage in Against all Odds. Could not play in EU time frame anymore so i quit.

Why do you want to join Convulsion?
To be able to raid with my mage at a nice time after work.

Why should we bring you to a raid over another trial?
I got that boomboomboom and then everybody goes Ermagerd he got them lazorzzzzz.

:!: Bonus points :!: Squibble is Dutch for Ollie still remains a virgin. (making me laugh here is a +)
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 Post subject: Re: Application Mage
PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:09 pm  Report this post

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I like your balls. You have good balls.

First. Show up to all raid starts. You never know when we will be getting your Kael and Vashj Vials....from there, we will knock out A'lar and Rage.

Second. Show up to raids.

Rerrelol is your boss, Peccadillo is his right hand lackie. Gimmicks and Wheatyo dock shadowbolts. These are the caster officers. Feel free to ask anyone if you have questions/need items to raid with.

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