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 Post subject: <Accepted>chab 70 mage us
PostPosted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 10:59 pm  Report this post
Name: Ryan
Age: 23
Class: Mage
Spec: Fire

Attuned to SSC/TK?

I am currently attuned to SSC and need to finish my TK attunement

What experience do you have with Vanilla WoW?

I raided with Vicious Cycle and Premonition clearing everything besides saph.

What experience do you have with The Burning Crusade?

The burning crusade is where my raiding career peaked, raiding with premonition when the expansion first came out killing gruul before the nerfs. Later on merging with another guild making Force Of Nature clearing ssc/tk fairly quickly. Moved to Huge In Japan clearing Kil'Jaeden and sunwell before the flame dart/muru nerfs getting a us 13th kill.
I haven't raided very much on feenix, besides the two weeks i've played but cleared kara/mag/gruul

We are looking for members that not only know about their class but really enjoy playing it!!! That being said, please list a few things you like / dislike about the class you are playing.

I enjoy mage because of the damage output/control you have in this expansion but I've always been a multi classes getting rank 1/ gladiator on almost every class. I've never played a hunter though hate them!

Is your gear BiS Pre-Raid? Any items lesser or greater? (Please give of a idea of this by listing your 2 worst items and your 2 best items)

Best: Spell Strike Hood, Mindblade got it on first run!!!
Worst: Offhand from Sethek halls quest replacing with badge trinket/ ring from normal SV first boss

What are your stats unbuffed?
Hit%: 11%
CRIT%: 20%
SP or Healing: 950+ fire damage
AP: ----
HP: 6.8k unbuffed health
MANA: 9356
MP5: ----
Parry: ----
Dodge: ----
Block: ----

Professions: (Having Leatherworking is a BIG +):

Tailoring 0/ Enchanting 0 Haven't started yet

We require the whole raid to be full consumed for every 25man we do!!! That being said, what consumables would you take to a raid?

Flask of Pure Death / Spell damage food / Wizard oil / 20+ mana & Destro pots

Where are you from?

US / Vegas

What Guild were you last in / are still in and reason for leaving?

I was in Chainpull, just joined because I was in their 60 guild looking for better progression

Why do you want to join Convulsion?

Looking for a chill us guild to progress with :)

Why should we bring you to a raid over another trial?

I was always the best " not to sound like a cocky douche" but I was always being recruited by other guilds had top parses for multiple fights in sunwell, I fully understand that you need to wipe to progress and learn encounters " over 850 wipes on muru before we killed him 12 hour raid days"

:!: Bonus points :!: Squibble is ______. (making me laugh here is a +)

Squibble is a bigger glue huffer than charlie kelly!
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 Post subject: Re: chab 70 mage us
PostPosted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:03 pm  Report this post
Multi classer! not classes hah
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 Post subject: Re: chab 70 mage us
PostPosted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:53 pm  Report this post

Joined: Sun Jun 23, 2013 9:20 pm
Posts: 12
Very strong application with your experience. A bit undergeared and lacking on attunements but we can work with good players. We take people on as socials if they don't have their SSC and TK attunements. So work on that on your own. The guild will help where we can. After you get that knocked out, we will promote you to member then raider for T6.

When you do get your attunements, be ready to sit on the bench for a few weeks as far as T6 goes. Always show up though because we go back and forth doing SSC and TK alternating weeks to get people their Vials as well as their T6 attunements. So you never know when we will be doing T5 for attunements or T6.

Approved. Welcome aboard.

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