Chromag DOWN

May - 20 2012 | no comments | By

after 2 nights of attempting him we downed him being the hardest combo ever!
Garbagetruck come back soon! <3

Chromag Time

May - 10 2012 | no comments | By

Congrats on progression, more dragons dead.





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Forums are now up, register now!


To Mutezz:

Yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in Hell!

Apr - 22 2012 | no comments | By

-50dkp all youse

Pay no attention to the skeletons behind the dragon, So one shot’d this.

“This is a very delicate threat based fight, all tanks be highest on threat.. ..oh Hunters you can dps since you have FD” — “Do you not understand how dumb are hunters our?”


GJ everyone. Better luck next time Khawap. /roll out



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Convulsion is a United States Horde Raiding guild. Our Guild has 40 man raids Tues/Thurs/Sun and 20 mans through out the week. We are an English speaking guild that was originally formed on Live during Vanilla and we lasted until Cataclysm. We are made up of Real Life friends, people from the United States of America and others from all over the world. We give loot from raids by Loot Council, Class leaders and Officers discuss who receives items.